Some behind the scenes numbers and stats

December 2022

Hey friends, It’s crazy how time flies. We’re in December already, there are festive lights everywhere, and the Christmas markets are finally in full…

November 2022

Hey friends, As you might have noticed, I didn’t send a newsletter for a couple of weeks. I decided to cut down on their number as it was becoming…

October 2022

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a large IT conference in Belgium (IT is another passion of mine). And while the various technological tidbits…
and other disappointments of landscape photography

September 2022

Hey friends, I spent a large part of this last week editing my first YouTube video in more than two years. Yep, it’s been a (very) long while. And it…
Hey friends, The hardest thing in landscape photography for me is getting up for sunrise. I’m a sunset guy through and through, even though I know…
After Spending a Week There

August 2022

From someone who never learned to enjoy it
or Three Ideas From Die With Zero
And always do your own research.
The idea behind the Sunset Obsession newsletter